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The Cure For Lazy Money

Time to put your money to work!!

The money you have in places like CD's and Money Market accounts is "LAZY MONEY.” It does nothing for you. It does not even grow at a rate that beats inflation (which is about 2.5% a year). It is also taxable.

THE solution for "LAZY MONEY” is: (SPWL)

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance (SPWL) is life insurance designed to benefit THE LIVING by building up the CASH VALUE account of the policy. The policy does this by offering:

  • Day One 10% Bonus to the cash account!
  • Up to 7% Annual Growth (tax deferred) OR choose a 3.5% Fixed Annual Interest Rate (tax deferred)
  • Absolutely no risk of loss, Guaranteed!
  • Return of AT LEAST your premium deposit (probably more) anytime, no questions asked!
  • Immediate Tax Free death benefit (about double the premium you put in)!
  • Death benefit can be advanced for use as a monthly Long Term Care Insurance Benefit!
  • Creditor Protected in Illinois (by statute)!
  • Probate Free Transfer to Heirs (or Charity)!

If you have money just sitting around doing nothing and being "LAZY” why not put it to work for you with a liquid "high cash value” life insurance policy from a very strong company?

10 Year Historical Comparison of

$100,000 put into different accounts:

Jan. 1, 2002-Dec. 31, 2011*


CD at 2%...........................$121,899

Money Market at .05%......$105,113

S&P 500 Market Fund….…..109,520

*Based on inflation what cost $100,000 on Jan. 1, 2002

would cost $125,035 on Dec. 31, 2011

**Tax Deferred with no risk of loss